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HMC Analytical Instrumentation was founded in 2002. The primary focus of this company has been on portable instrumentation. Some of the products that we have are truly portable and others are transportable. These products provide the ability to analyze samples in the field. This ability helps to solve two common problems when field samples are taken to a laboratory. The first and most serious is sample degradation. When we extract a sample from a site, it can degrade between the time the sample is taken and the time the sample is analyzed in the laboratory. The second, although less important problem, is the chain of custody. How can we assure that the sample analyzed in the laboratory is correctly correlated to the location of record? By analyzing the sample at the original location and incorporating recording devices, including a GPS, we can accurately record the site location.

At the inception of HMC, we decided to provide total customer satisfaction. We believe the best way to accomplish this is to provide training, applications support, and technical support for as long as a customer owns a product. This extended support is provided at no additional charge to the customers. We have found that our current customers very much appreciate and utilize this capability. Potential customers are often confused with this approach because it is unusual for an instrumentation supplier to provide this capability as many manufacturers view these three categories as areas of revenue generation. Our approach to total customer satisfaction allows us to stay in close contact with the customer to make sure the customer needs are met or exceeded.

Markets Served:
Major markets include Aerospace, Biotechnology, Electronics (including RoHS/WEEE), Environmental, Forensic, Health and Safety, Military, National Laboratories, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Semiconductor, Recycling and University/Educational.

Geographic Territories:
While our territories vary among the companies we represent/distribute, we cover the following states in the Western USA: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

We are constantly seeking new applications to make modifications to products which will fit the requirements of our customers.

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